Thursday, January 31, 2013

some winter inspiration for your thursday

it has been non-stop cold these past few weeks in idaho. snowing six inches almost everyday, wind strong enough that makes you wonder why you even bothered doing your hair, and icy roads that make you not want to leave your apartment in fear of falling on your face. sooo that means bundling up to the fullest. i'm starting to run out of outfit combinations since it only exists of a coat, scarf and boots everyday. but here are some winter wardrobe looks i have been loving as of late... hopefully it gives you inspiration for your chilly weekend. :)

happy thursday!


  1. ahhh love them all. it's crazy snowy winter here in MI too.. I'm in desperate need for some change in my outfits. coat/boots/beanie REPEAT. xo

  2. Omg .. Olivia, she's my fave. I want to marry her haha.
    Love 1, 3 and 5 :-)