Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Week via Pictures

for those of you that have been to rexburg, you can understand me when i say that pretty much the only thing to do here is stare out your window watching people slip and fall on the ice. or at least that's what my roommate and i often find ourselves doing...
needless to say, since coming back here at the beginning of january, there hasn't been a whole lot to do in this little college town of mine. 
this past weekend however, things finally picked up. here are a few snapshots of my weekend - which consisted of dance parties, bowling, meeting new people, dessert parties, and movies... 

{pardon the fact that i look like a ghost/whale in these pics}

happy tuesday! thanks for reading!



  1. well this definitely looks like fun! i think college life is pretty slow everywhere right now.

  2. How fun I hope you are loving it! Are you roommates with Lauren Johnson? I went to school with her and her little brother and Harrison are best friends! Small world!
    ps. since I basically just copied whatever you and Maddie wore and since I'm married and don't know what to wear anymore I completely stock your blog! THANKS for the tips! :)

  3. Thats why i'm grateful i'm off track in the winter! Its kinda depressing...

    I'm your newest MFB follower!


  4. Maddy! Yes, Lauren is my roommate! She said that she was friends with you when I first met her, so crazy!! Thanks for stopping by, you're too kind :) Hope you're doing well!!