Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Well friends, I am pleased to present an actual outfit post today! 
Say whaaat? I know, haven't seen one of these in months. But you know, what can ya do... 

And it's all attributed to the fact that I am back home in Utah visiting for the week and have my photographer back. I can assure you that they will pick back up once I move back home for good in a few weeks! 

My friend Michelle and I drove down from Idaho on Monday and let's just say, it's so rejuvenating to be out of Rexburg for a change! I have been looking forward to this 4th of July week to come for far too long. It's been so nice to be home and to enjoy some of the things I've missed the most about summer here. For example...

*The perfect temperature that rolls around at about 9:00
*The golden field behind my house 
*Summer night runs
*How gorgeous and green the canyon is this time of year

Here's to an amazing week and I hope you all enjoy your 4th...