Monday, September 16, 2013


hello to you all. 
please excuse my "month of absence", as i was kidnapped by a place called work. since i've moved back home, i have been working my two jobs non-stop. while i love them both, the people i work with, and making money, it's just down right exhausting. 11 hour days can do quite the number on you... i've even become one of those people who are in their pjs and ready for bed by 9:30. really? when did that happen?  i guess you could say it's gotten liiitle pathetic. 
also since moving back home, my social life and daily adventures have taken a nose dive. (it's amazing what staying busy and working will do for you)  leaving me with the feeling that i have nothing exciting or particularly interesting to post about. unless of course you want to hear all of my rantings about how i wish people would figure out what they wanted to order before they got to the front of the line, or about how i wish ketchup wasn't so popular so that i didn't have to refill the pump every 30 minutes, orrr about how i wish people wouldn't come in 2 minutes before closing and request the most complicated/time consuming thing on the menu. buuut we'll save those sagas for another time... :) 

in other news, fall is finally here folks. and that only means one thing - i was finally able to pull out my tights and ankle boots for church this sunday. now that makes me one happy girl. 

thanks for reading!
xo, ciara 

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