Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Growing Up

Looking back, I can remember being in the 8th grade sitting in German class with my best friend planning out our life and future. We thought we had it all figured out. We'd graduate from high school, move to LA, get an apartment, get jobs, attend FIDM and work for Teen Vogue. (If you can't tell, we were really into 'The Hills')We even drew out our apartment layout, listed all the decorations we'd need and where we'd get them, and went as far as planning our grocery list. Ever since the 8th grade I have been more than anxious to grow up, go to college and be on my own. By the time I was a junior and senior in high school I had totally checked out. I didn't care about the kids in my classes, what people thought about me, or my grades. As long as they were good enough to pass for graduation and get into college - I was okay with that.
I have a big imagination. I like to think up all these big plans in my head in hope that one day it will all happen. And I think in the end, that was the only thing that really got me through high school. But as much as I love being 2,000 miles away from everyone and my hometown, it's scary to think that it's finally here and I'm finally going to college. I'll listen to the song Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift and suddenly think oh no, maybe I shouldn't have been so anxious to grow up and just enjoy being a teenager. Because nothing will ever be the same as they were 8 months ago. That best friend that you plan everything out with refuses to talk to you, you'll finally have to be responsible for your own actions, and you won't be the person you thought you were - forcing you to try and figure out who that person is.
But then again I think nope, I'm just as excited to move onto bigger and better things as I was when I was 13. And even though nothing is the same and I'm basically starting all over, I am more then ready for it. Now the only thing the number 13 means the amount of days till I move into my dorm.


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