Saturday, December 3, 2011


Friday was by far one of the coolest days of my life. Which goes to show how exciting my life is. {not very} Anyway, you know how I told you I was chosen to be a Roxy brand ambassador on Times Square? Well that was the day that it all went down.
It all started at 5:30 this morning when we {as in the Teen Vogue It Girls} all met at the Gansevoort Park Hotel, where we changed into our Roxy outfits that they gave us.{jeans, shirt, puffer coat, and spirit hood!} From there we all piled into cabs. And finding a cab at 6 in the morning is harder than it sounds. Which is why I was one of the last to get one, along with professional snowboarder Torah Bright, and Ashton- Roxy's PR manager. I was thrilled. I mean these are the kinds of people that I crave to meet.
We were then driven to Rockefeller Center which is where The Today Show is filmed. It wasn't until we left the hotel that I even found out we were going to be participating in the audience of the show. For that I was also thrilled. I've always wanted to go to a morning show but never really thought it would ever happen. Atleast not during this NY trip. Anyway... after waiting in line for a while we were finally able to go on set and they started filming. It all just seemed so surreal to me. Things like that simply fascinate me. Even though it was way to early to even be awake, cold, and crowded, it was still fun to be apart of it and have that experience. It also made it worth it because as we had hoped, Al Roker stood in front of us and the camera showed our group for a couple seconds. So there you have it, my "15 seconds of fame". Call me lame, but whatever, I thought it was cool. {we were also able to promote clothes4souls, the charity we were working with to help get people to donate their old denim}
Later that afternoon all the girls met at the Roxy store on Times Square. Where we helped set up the DIY event inside, had a photo opp, and passed out promotional cards to times square visitors to get the word out about Roxy's conjunction with Clothes4Souls. Going into it I was a little unsure about having to talk to strangers like that since I'm naturally super shy. But surprisingly, it was a lot more fun than I thought. I made some good friends and we were all working together. At one point we walked all around Times Square creating excitement and handing out cards, which was fun because you felt like you were in a movie or something looking around seeing all of the lights, moving signs, and buildings. People were stopping to take pictures of us and then asking if they could get their picture taken with us! Must have been those spirit hoods.
The day ended at around 6, when we got to go home. Let's just say I was exhausted and a 30 minute train ride didn't sound too exciting. But I was just glad to finally be able to sit down.

Me and Torah Bright on set of the Today Show

Rockefeller Tree with Torah Bright and Teen Vogue Director

The Foxy Roxy girls in front of the Rockefeller Tree before the Today Show


All of us Roxy girls at the Today show!

Taking over Times Square :)

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